What’s This RSS Stuff?

What’s RSS?

RSS is a powerful way of reading and distributing content across the Internet.

After you download JerseyCool’s RSS feeds to your feedburner every time a new post appears on Jerseycool.com the headline and some text will appear in your reader. There’s no need to continue coming back to JerseyCool.com to check for new content (though we won’t stop you if you want to). In addition to JerseyCool.com, most publishing sites offer RSS feeds so if you have 10 favorite sites you won’t have to visit each one to check for new content. All there new stuff will  magically appear in your RSS reader. Now isn’t that just ducky.

Great, what do I do now?

To receive Jerseycool.com RSS feeds you need an RSS reader. Most of the major search engines Google (Google Reader), Yahoo (MyYahoo) and AOL (My AOL) offer a free RSS reader. If these don’t work for you. Go to your favorite flavor of search engine and search “RSS Reader” and watch how many pop up. You can also visit the RSS page on AbeNormal here for a list of burners. Try a few and pick the one that’s best for you.

When you find the burner that’s right for you, click on the corrosponding buttons on the side of any JerseyCool.com page and you’re done. You can also manually add our feed by cutting and pasting http://www.jerseycool.com/feed into your reader. But heck, why not just click the button.

If you use a reader we don’t service let us know by dropping us a line at jerseycoolemail@aol.com.


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