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May 28, 2009 has a new wrinkle to its usual sand and beach blogging fare. This year they are running a Jersey Shore Confessional. The new blog is made up of posts from shore goers wanting to relieve themselves of some guilt. There are no entries as of now but we suppose the hope is to get some of those titillating shore dramas onto the site. Yeah, we suppose NJ is also hoping to get some readers, too. Especially, in the18-34 demographic, but we digress.

There’s nothing revolutionary here. Sites where people can confess their sins, real, fake or imagined, have been around for awhile. However, JC can’t recall a major media site, no less one sponsored by an old-school newspaper like the Star Ledger, getting into this game.
No doubt, just like the shore, there will be some tall-fish tales going on but it could turn into the killer user interaction feature that has been looking for. At least this will be more interesting than the Munchmobile.

Something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot about this blog as the summer goes on.


Of Property Taxes and Rebates

March 11, 2009

Paul Mulshine has a good piece on today about Gov. Corzine’s new tax plan.

While we have been know to take Mr. Mulshine to task now and again. In particular, comparing Bruce Springsteen to Jimmy Buffet still casts grave doubts about Paul Mulshine’s credibility.

Still, the irony laced piece is a good read and in these times there’s something juxtaposing lines like this

“To help pay for the rebates, we have proposed eliminating the property tax deduction next year for everyone but seniors.”

Gov. Jon Corzine said it Tuesday during his budget speech. I still can’t believe I heard it.

Prudential Center Finally Opens

October 26, 2007

Happy days are here again, the Prudential Center finally opened the other night with what looks like a pretty well reviewed concert by Jersey’s own Bon Jovi. Two reasons why JerseyCool is really glad about this. One, we can stop reading articles about the arena’s construction, traffic in Newark, parking so on and so forth.

We think every angle on this has been covered and maybe we can move on to some more important news. It’s an arena folks.

Two, this is really good news for Newark. A downtown area should revitalize a neighborhood in sore need of revitalizing and give New Jersey an urban sports and entertainment presence it sorely needs. This is no Tweeter Center, which is an exit off of the highway. No getting to the Pru Center will requite Jersey residents to visit the largest city in the state and that alone should help Newark change it’s image in the minds of most  residents.

Anyway for a review of the Bon Jovi show visit