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Bob Dylan, Long Branch and The Fuzz

August 26, 2009

Did you hear the one about Bob Dylan wandering around the Jersey shore. If you haven’t then this is one of the odder tales of the year. Could be something straight out of Weird NJ. So far ABC News has the best write up.


New Jersey is YankeeLand

June 11, 2009

If you think more people in New Jersey wear pinstripes, you’re right. At least so far as their baseball rooting interests are concerned.

NY Yankees Logo

NY Yankee fans rule NJ

A new Quinnipiac University poll found that Yankee fans outnumber Philly and Mets fans combined in the Garden State. The numbers are particularly strong in North Jersey, not surprisingly.

“Dress New Jersey baseball fans – men and women, young and old – in Yankee pinstripes. There are just about as many Yankee fans as there are Phillies and Mets backers combined. Only in the Philadelphia suburbs do the Phillis dominate,” said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

One interesting side note is that Red Sox nation has about 5 percent of the fans in New Jersey. Since the Yankees can’t seem to beat the Sox this season those 5 percent are living mighty high on the hog right now.

Nirvana Will Wait a Little Longer for Xanadu

June 1, 2009

An article on [At $2.3 Billion, This Mall Could Be Too Big to Fail] today recounts the troubled history of the Xanadu project at the Meadowlands. The troubled übermall was supposed to have opened last Fall and the ribbon cutting has now been postponed indefinitely. Many in parties in the story are quoted as saying the project is sumply too big to fail. Well, tell that to someone who used to work at Lehman Brothers.

Anyone who has driven by recently has been hit by the fear that Garden Staters will be left with nothing but an ugly eyesore off of Route 3 and the turnpike for years to come. However, it appears the inside seems to look nice, according to the article. Something to look forward to if and when Xanadu ever opens.

Of Property Taxes and Rebates

March 11, 2009

Paul Mulshine has a good piece on today about Gov. Corzine’s new tax plan.

While we have been know to take Mr. Mulshine to task now and again. In particular, comparing Bruce Springsteen to Jimmy Buffet still casts grave doubts about Paul Mulshine’s credibility.

Still, the irony laced piece is a good read and in these times there’s something juxtaposing lines like this

“To help pay for the rebates, we have proposed eliminating the property tax deduction next year for everyone but seniors.”

Gov. Jon Corzine said it Tuesday during his budget speech. I still can’t believe I heard it.

Alive and Well in Montclair

March 9, 2009

Hello Kiddies. It’s been quite some time since my last post but JC’s creative juices are flowing this Sunday evening so, while I won’t make any promises, keep checking back and you might find some words of wisdom, or two or three in this digital place.

Just to catch everyone up, it’s been a year of change for JC, The paying gig, which was challenging enough, became more so once the bottom fell out of the economy last Fall. Many of you out there are sailing the same iceberg-bound luxury liner, so I ain’t complaining.

Life also became more complicated with the arrival of Little J in September, JerseyCool’s first attempt at genetic replication.

With all that’s going on, I’m not sure if JerseyCool will be the same sort of blog it’s been. At this point, the Stuffed Rigatoni at Nauna’s is about as fine dining as we get.

Still, there are pearls of wisdon to be had, well, at least a few grains of sand.

So fellow travelers if you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.


Antonella Has Her Backers

March 1, 2007

Jerseycool was down for the count yesterday having contracted an ailment that left us under the covers and watching the Mets spring training season opener down in Florida. Almost worth the nausea, headaches, chills and fatigue.

Anyway, we made it through American Idol long enough to give our girl Antonella one more listen. We were hoping for the best but alas it was not to be. Not only did we get a wobbly Celine Dion kareoke but she mouthed off to Simon, which usually spells doom for contestants. Tears would have worked better my girl.

We are also in the camp that at some point she should have acknowledged that she’s become THE story in this early season of Idol because of her risque Internet stories not her singing.

We also think if she somehow survives this week’s cut, and there’s a strong possibility she will, then may we suggest next week a ballsy version of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” or Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” both are more in Ms. Barba’s range and would play better than the lame Celine cover she did last night.

While we wait for more photos, doctored and not, to surface. is leading the way with Antonella coverage including a look at her former classmates at Red Bank Catholic who have taken to calling themselves Fantonellas and a bit about Hugh Heffner offering the girl a spot in Playboy once she gets the boot. Now who could have predicted that.


Antonella Lives

February 23, 2007

Yeah, you probably know it already but it’s worth note since we’ve been writing about it. Antonella Barba of Point Pleaseant survived Idol’s first round of elimination by phone. You go girlfriend.


Dude, You Got a Table for Two in the Back?

February 13, 2007

Frozen out of your favorite place for Valentine’s Day? Well, the desperate amongst you may want try buying from a table scalper. Yes, there are people selling reservations online at sites like eBay and Craigslist. If interested check out the article in today’s Daily News.


Oh, Goya

November 21, 2006

Paris… Rome… the Riviera… Newark…all hotspots in the rough and tumble world of art thieves. Wait a minute. What doesn’t belong here.

It seems as if a painting stolen from a truck in Pennsylvania en route to the Guggenheim in New York was found somewhere in central, NJ.

Apparently, the thieves had no idea what they were stealing and some police theorize that they thought they had hijacked a bunch of Playstation 3s. Personally, I think they were taking a giant can of beand. Har!Har!Har


Dum, Dum, De, Dum (Part Deux)

November 7, 2006

Wedding bells, pigs in a blanket, ice sculptures, drunken DJ’s, uncomfortable moments with children, yep it was all there in the spectacle of public humiliation I like to call a wedding.
We traveled to beautiful Edison for the union of our friends and despite some traffic on Route Mall I mean Route 1 we made it on time to wait a half hour for the ceremony to start.

Here’s the thing about weddings. There are few times in life when you get to stand up in front of a crowded room, dress like it’s the 1950s and recite dialog cheesier than anything George Lucas could write. It is a singular moment of terror and embarrassment. Yeah, yeah, yeah there’s all this crying, mainly by the parents, flowers and other hokey-dokey-lovey stuff but primarily this is a chance for your friends to poke fun at you.

Now, I don’t want to rain on my friends parade. A lovely time was had by all. The free hooch almost assures that so here are just some general wedding thoughts and we’ll just leave it open as to where they came from.

  • White people can’t do the electric slide anymore. I’ll let you get away with the chicken dance because you’re supposed to look stupid when you do the chicken dance and beside I need a few songs to go have a pee. If black folk want to keep doing the electric slide, fine. But white people need to knock this off. I’m not picking on white folk. Heck, you Asian people should probably hit the bar too when that song comes on. 
  •  Another barbaric ritual that needs to go “bye, bye” is the whole garter throwing followed by a mini-porn show. Hey, let me think about this. The last time I watched porn with my family was…..hmmm…Never! Why exactly must we all be put into this uncomfotble situation at a family function. Oh, yeah and it’s really great when a little girl catches the bouquet and a little boy grabs the garter. Yeah, that’s a comfortable to watch. Hey I got an idea. Let me just jab this salad fork under my nail. It’s gotta be less painful. It’s even better when grandma and grandpa get in on the action. OK, I’ll let bridzilla throw the flowers because I know to pick and choose my battles but let’s skip the rest, cut the cake and go home.
  • If you must hire a DJ make sure he stays sober. Actually, I think we’ve reached the point where it’s not necessary to have a DJ anymore. I mean, can’t you find a wedding playlist on iTunes by now. If you can’t hire a living breathing band and, I understand it’s expensive, at least keep the DJ out of the sauce. Yeah, we saw it happen. It wasn’t pretty.
  • While we’re on bands. This whole paying for them to eat thing has got to go. When me and C hired our band. It was actually in the contract that we had to feed them dinner. An extra $40 a head at that time. The band leader explained to me that “We work an 8 hour night and you wouldn’t feel to good if you didn’t eat during work.” Yeah buddy but my boss doesn’t buy the pizza every day. Here’s my suggestion: bring a sack lunch.
  • Buffet dessert. Do fat Americans really need dessert stations, chocolate fountains, a pastries tray. When they opened the dessert bar last weekend there was a mini-stampede. It was like they were giving away free booze or something. Hey, wait a minute…
  • Has anyone else noticed they don’t let you object anymore. Lord, I haven’t heard that in a wedding since I don’t know when. Now, I’m sure this avoids a lot of awkward moments, but if I’m spending my Saturday afternoon off at a banquet hall and shelling out good money on a gift I want the right to object. It might just be me but I do have principles.