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Priests Gone Bad

December 6, 2006

JerseyCool may have stumbled onto something with our theory about a new dangerous criminal element on our streets: priests gone bad.

Today’s Star Ledger has a piece about the Rev. Joseph W. Hughes who was released early — way early — from prison after allegedly stealing $2 million.

A Rumson priest who looted parish funds to finance a country-club lifestyle of limousines, Broadway shows and Florida vacations walked free from a New Jersey prison last week, just six months into his five-year sentence.

My first issue here is that somehow I’m wondering if you or I would be able to get out of country club jail after only six months when we steal our $2 million.

The second is what exactly are they teaching these fellas in priest school because this is not an isolated incident.

Last week, there was a story in the Jersey Journal about a manhunt for a Jersey City priest who absconded off to Greece after looting his church of religious relics and personal records like birth and marriage certificates.

I’m thinking a task force may be in order here.



Priests On The Run

November 29, 2006

There’s a criminal element lurking in our Jersey cities and something needs to be done about it. Bloods, Crips, no try priests.

The Jersey Journal has an, ahem, interesting story about a priest who after leaving his parish allegedly took a few mementos with him, including religious relics and icons.

“In addition, all the records at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church on Summit Avenue maintained during the 131/2-year tenure of the Very Rev. Kyrillos Markopoulos – marriage licenses, baptismal certificates, receipt books for donations, even the church’s property deed – are missing.”

Markopoulos is apparently somewhere in Greece and there are a lot of angry parishioners who’d probably pay a fair amount for his whereabouts.

According to the Journal, Chris Paskalides, president of the St. Demetrios church council, said archdiocese officials characterized Markopoulos as “one of those priests who slipped through the cracks.”

You think?

On the bright side, apparently no young boys were harmed during this religious incident.