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Rocking During the Week at the Eagle Rock Diner

December 7, 2006

Diners during the week can be interesting places. The urge to find cheap eats on a Wednesday night are different from a weekend night or a morning breakfast. During the week, people end up at diners, they don’t go to them. You’ll find people coming from PTA meetings, charity functions, after work drinking buddies, cheap dates and, in our case last night, Christmas Tree shopping refugees.

We like to get our tree during the week because it’s less crowded on weeknights and there’s no pressure that someone else will snap up that Douglas Fir you’ve been eyeing. So after squeezing a balsam into the Cavaliermobile we decided we were in no mood to go home and cook.

Anyway, we ended up at the Eagle Rock Diner, 410 Eagle Rock Ave., over on the avenue of same name in West Orange. We’ve been there for a breakfast a while back but hadn’t been in awhile.
Unfortunately, dinner did not measure up.

While C liked her grilled cheese (has anyone else noticed that C tends to make better food choices than yours truly) my gyro was on the, ahem, unique side. We were also a bit taken back by the greasy fried zucchini — even for diner standards.

On the positive side fries were perfect and the diner is the leading candidate for biggest Christmas tree in a Jersey restaurant.

The last time we were at ERD the breakfast was outstanding. I believe I had the pancakes and C had an egg and peppers thing that was tasty, which led us to the weirdest part of the experience. ERD dosn’t serve breakfast at dinner time. Very disappointing since I’m gonna go out on a limb and say ERD’s strong suit is as a breakfast joint.

I think we’ll be limiting our ERD visits to before 11 a.m.