Alive and Well in Montclair

Hello Kiddies. It’s been quite some time since my last post but JC’s creative juices are flowing this Sunday evening so, while I won’t make any promises, keep checking back and you might find some words of wisdom, or two or three in this digital place.

Just to catch everyone up, it’s been a year of change for JC, The paying gig, which was challenging enough, became more so once the bottom fell out of the economy last Fall. Many of you out there are sailing the same iceberg-bound luxury liner, so I ain’t complaining.

Life also became more complicated with the arrival of Little J in September, JerseyCool’s first attempt at genetic replication.

With all that’s going on, I’m not sure if JerseyCool will be the same sort of blog it’s been. At this point, the Stuffed Rigatoni at Nauna’s is about as fine dining as we get.

Still, there are pearls of wisdon to be had, well, at least a few grains of sand.

So fellow travelers if you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.




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