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It Was a Very Good Year

December 19, 2007

Art Namendorf over at the Artful Diner has listed his top restaurants for 2007. No JerseyCool favorites made the list but for the most part we’ve found the Artful Diner to be spot on. So heres an early gift for foodies.



Holiday Flicks at Loews in Jersey City

December 14, 2007

LookMiracle on 34th Streeting for a little holiday cheer this weekend? Well the Loews Theater in Jersey City is showing Miracle on 34th Street tonight at 7:30 p.m. and Mary Poppins tomorrow at 6 p.m.

Santa will be at the theater from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Santa will pose for digital photos at $3 a pop but if you bring a wrapped toy St. Nick will throw the picture in for free.

A little fun before the big storm hits.


Sesame Adds Flavor and Flair to Eastern Cuisine

December 2, 2007

400 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ, 07042

I have a friend who won’t eat at a Chinese restaurants that has pictures of the food on the wall. Well, Sesame in Montclair would be on the short list of Chinese places she can eat at since you won’t find any pictures on the wall, instead there are large photos of scenes from ordinary life in China on the nicely decorated interior of Sesame.

Boasting a red brick interior and two-tiered dining hall, Sesame has the look and feel of an Italian restaurant. It sits in the same building as the historic Roberts Wellmont Theater and you can see attention has been paid to maintain the same historic feel.

The food lives up to the surrounding. We dined there a few weeks back and as always we sampled the steamed dumplings, which were warm and flavorful. Several groups around us ordered groups of appetizers and picked off of each others plates, which isn’t a bad strategy for groups since the menu is extensive without the daily specials.

We settled on the Moo Shu Pork and C had the duck special. Often JC finds duck to be a bit on the fatty side but Sesame’s was tender, juicy and well proportioned. The Moo Shu comes in a large plate and the initial plan was to bring home leftovers for lunch but it was simply too good to not finish off.

My personal best Moo Shu is still over at the Bean Curd in Chatham but Sesame’s isn’t far behind. If I was blindfolded and doing a taste test, not sure which would come out on top.

Sesame is open for lunch and dinner and there is a jazz brunch on Sunday, which is a holdover from the Blue Sky Café days at the same location.

If you are looking for quality Chinese food that goes beyond the typical menu, Sesame is will meet your need.