Back From Tampa With A Tan

Hey there Jerseycool is back from a much needed vacation down south in Tampa where the temperature is a hot 40 degrees higher. We make an aside to thank the newly wedded Jeff and Julie McCloskey who were the blessed instigators of said vacation and wish them well on their honeymoon, marriage and endeavors afterward.

Now, to the food. We come bearing recommendations to all of you frozen folk here in the northeast who may be flying south for the winter.  In terms of good eats if you are in the Tampa or Clearwater area you will do no better than Frenchy’s, a four-restaurant chain in Clearwater beach that has the friendliest staff and makes the meanest Grouper sandwiches on the gulf. Our personal favorite was the Buffalo Grouper, which was pretty darn spicy in its mild flavor but was topped with a cool, blue cheese dressing. C was also fond of the Grouper Takitos, a highly recommended special that we are hoping becomes a staple on the menu.

We stayed in Clearwater Beach for a week but made it north to Orlando for a day where we were unfortunately unimpressed with Universal Studios. Nice idea but there needs to be a bit more uumph to the proceedings. Other than the Mummy ride, we found ourselves twiddling thumbs an awful lot. Oh, and someone needs to do something about the lines at the Jaws ride.  There you have it.

Rollarcoaster fans need to put Bush Gardens Tampa on their list. We suffered from a bought of insanity and rode the Shakra roller coaster not once but twice.  The coaster, which features a 90 degree drop is an intense experience that unfortunately made the rest of the coasters in the park feel a bit like a booger.

For beer lovers don’t miss the daily beer tastings where you can sample some of Anheiser-Bush’s finest beers (no kidding, remember the company owns brews around the world like Tiger Ale) and get a lesson on pairing beer with foods and how to spot a “beer-ready” glass at a bar.

OK, locals so that’s what Jerseycool did on his vacation so now that we’re recharged look for some upcoming reviews on local haunts like Orbis, Giamboto and Lalezar in the near future.



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