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Prudential Center Finally Opens

October 26, 2007

Happy days are here again, the Prudential Center finally opened the other night with what looks like a pretty well reviewed concert by Jersey’s own Bon Jovi. Two reasons why JerseyCool is really glad about this. One, we can stop reading articles about the arena’s construction, traffic in Newark, parking so on and so forth.

We think every angle on this has been covered and maybe we can move on to some more important news. It’s an arena folks.

Two, this is really good news for Newark. A downtown area should revitalize a neighborhood in sore need of revitalizing and give New Jersey an urban sports and entertainment presence it sorely needs. This is no Tweeter Center, which is an exit off of the highway. No getting to the Pru Center will requite Jersey residents to visit the largest city in the state and that alone should help Newark change it’s image in the minds of most  residents.

Anyway for a review of the Bon Jovi show visit