Playoff Fever Hits Newark

There’s another week of baseball season left — good for Yankee fans not so much for Met fans — but if you have a yen for playoff baseball there are games this weekend in the Garden State.

The Newark Bears take on the Somerset Patriots 7:05 p.m. tonight in Bridgewater in a five game series to decide the Atlantic League Championship. The series shifts to Newark on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday if necessary.



One Response to “Playoff Fever Hits Newark”

  1. Janice Harayda Says:

    You’re right about “not to much for Mets fans.” But there’s good news for Jersey residents who love nothing more than recall those great Yankee-Dodger games of yore. Phillip Hoose has written a great memoir of the year when his cousin once removed, Don Larsen, pitched a perfect game in a Yankee-Dodger series. It’s “Perfect, Once Removed: When Baseball Was All the World to Me,” being cross-marketed by its publisher, Walker, to adults and adolescents, so it’s equally good for kinds and their parents

    People with true Jersey Cool won’t need to be reminded that one of Montclair’s most famous residents, Yogi Berra, was the catcher in that game and Hoose offers an interesting bit of Jersey trivia about it in his book: Berra went out and got his catcher’s mitt bronzed after the game.

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