Best Places in NJ: The Meadowlands?

As a lifelong Giants fan Jerseycool’s heart always skips a beat on Route 3 when passing the soon to be torn down stadium. But even we would be hard pressed to call the Meadowlands a work of art.

Surprise, surprise the Sports Complex made the list off “150 Best Buildings and Places.

Other places of note include Penn Station in Newark, Newark Symphony Hall, Liberty Science Center, Lucy the Elephant and Montclair’s very own downtown district. has a nice piece about the list on its site today.

The list was compiled by the state chapter of the American Institute of Architects and obviously there will be a considerable amount of debate. For example, in Morris County the Vanderbuilt-Twombly Mansion atThe Mansion at FDU Fairleigh Dickinson University was left off the list, as were the grounds, which for this alumni were quite stunning and designed by the same fella who did that big park in the middle of Manhattan. Let’s call that one a miss.

The Mansion at FDU

To each his own. The list is high on parks and buildings but ommits the state’s sprawling civil engineering achievements, such as the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and Pulaski Skyway. I dare anyone to drive the pike at night near Exit 13 and not be awed by the sheer industrial art. Or pass through Cheesequake State Park on the Parkway and not be floored as to how the road and natural landscape form an almost seamless union.



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