Have a Bearable Weekend

We’re honoring the tradition of summer Fridays by taking a break from our weekly excitables posting. Quite frankly, you people weren’t reading them that much, according to our traffic reports. However, we still get mail from time to time and will point out some of the more interesting things to do around the area.Ruppert Newark Bears Mascot

Anyway, while the world waits for A-Rod to hit his 500th home run and He Who Shall Not Be Names to desecrate Hank Aaron’s all time home run record (we just finished reading Game of Shadows and still have steam coming out of our ears), there’s baseball aplenty down Bloomfield Avenue.

The Newark Bears are holding their annual Mascot Night this Saturday night, Aug. 4. There’s free admission to anyone bringing a birthday card to 9-year-old Rip ‘N Ruppert, the Bears Mascot, and the first 1,000 fans will get a free dodgeball.

Why Dodgeball? You ask.

Well, to celebrate the Bears will hold a before-first-pitch mascot dodgeball game. Not only worth the price of admission but the site of furry mascots chucking a dodgeball around will have special meaning to all of you who caught this week’s episode of Entourage. We can’t get into details since this is somewhat of a family post.

First pitch is 6:05 p.m. and, oh yeah, there will be a baseball game that night. Fir more visit the Newark Bears’ home page.



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