You Won’t Get Burned at Toast

700 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ, 07042

Montclair’s western slope is undergoing a bit of renaissance these days. On one small block across the street from the arts museum you can find Turkish lamb, Indian Tandoori, and Moroccan couscous in the form of Lalazar, Taj palace and Marrakech respectivly. All of this a stone’s throw from Luna Stage, Wholefoods and the 07402 Starbucks.

The little area on the corner of St. Lukes Place and Bloomfield Ave. is becoming a destination spot for foodies.

Add to that the nouveau dinner spot Toast. Deciding not to compete with its more exotic brothers on the block, Toast serves breakfast, lunch and brunch on a menu that is long on variations of traditional American breakfast fare. The Crab Cakes Benedict, for example, is a tasty combination of seafood and egg that at first glance wouldn’t go together. We sampled and though fish and egg isn’t our speed it’s worth a try.

We also had the sausage and pepper omelet, which is more like a stuffed crape than a traditional omelet. Omelets, of which there are many to choose from, come with whole grain toast and tasty potatoes that justify the $5 bump in price over a similar meal at a dinner. The unsweetened ice tea is also a good call.

Toast has a crowded interior with a few high-backed booths on the side. It fills up quickly and was nearly full this past Friday around 1 p.m. We ate outside and found the service to be attentive if unspectacular.

With menu items like shrimp and bacon sandwiches, lobster rolls, stuffed French Toast and California Scramble, Toast doesn’t do much to hide it’s ambition to compete with Raymond’s over on Church St.

And though brunch will cost you a bit more than you’d pay at a local diner or even IHOP, our Friday brunch clocked in at a Montclair-reasonable $28, including an 18 percent tip.

We weren’t blown away by Toast but were intrigued enough to go back, which is what a new place ought to strive for. We’re particularly intrigued by the restaurant’s site, which promises seasonal menus and a store in coming months.

It’s worth a trip to the edge of town and judging by Toasts’ initial success it should be more of hit than recent tenets of the spot.



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