Marrakech Comes up Roses on Second Visit

708 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042-2203


Sometimes a restaurant suffers an off night. Sometimes the chef is off, the service is off and sometimes, especially if the restaurant is new, the food is a bit off. Chalk it up to growing pains and here at JerseyCool we try to cut our friends out in the restaurant biz a little slack.

So, we are really pleased to offer a revised review of Marrakech in Montclair. We dined at the Moroccan restaurant a few weeks ago with some friends and were fairly impressed with how far things have come, particularly the all important food.

We sampled a trio of appetizers the Briouats, Moroccan pastry rolls filled with chicken, vermicelli and mushrooms; Scallops; and the Cigar Marocain, a Moroccan pastry roll filled with ground beef and eggs.

You can’t go wrong with any of those, however we thought the scallops were perfectly prepared and actually outshined the more exotic Briouats and Cigar Marocain. Again, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of the appetizers.

For a main course, your correspondent settled on the Bouillabaise after seriously flirting with the Pastilla aux Fruits de Mer, a filo dough pastry filled with seafood. We were not disappointed as the Boulliabaise of shrimp, mussels, cod and red snapper was perfectly prepared.

C ordered the Pastilla au Poulet, a similar filo dough concoction with shredded chicken and almonds and cinnamon. I wrestled away a sample and, indeed, this may be the restaurants signature dish. The meal you need to try at least once when you go there.

We also sampled the couscous and found that our precious criticism, a dry, bland couscous has been corrected. The couscous we had the other night was moist and succulent. A perfect compliment to the chicken dish our friend dinned on.

Finally, if you go to Marrakech try the tea. The Morroccan tea is prepared in a stainless steel kettle and poured theatrically into a cup. It’s also tasty and makes for a perfect ending to a meal whether or not you decide to sample any of the restaurant’s desserts.

We’re still not a great fan of the seating, which is too low, but in the sixth months or so since we first tried Marrakech we can firmly say this place is on the right track.


Want more? Read out initial review of Marrakech.


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