Excitables for the Weekend of June 29-30

I’t July 4th Weekend, well, it’s one of two July 4th Weekend’s. Yes, with our nation’s birth sitting astride the week this year some folks will be having picnics this weekend and some will be having it next weekend.

Whatever you do this weekend the weather promises to cooperate as the muggy weather here in the Northeast broke ushering a spat of pleasant coolness for this late in June.

Fireworks: Some are going off this weekend, some on Wednesday and some next weekend. Check your local papers to find out when and get a beach blanket for the occasion.

Flicks: July 4th marks the mid-point of the summer blockbuster season and with Live Free of Die Harder, the latest in Bruce Willis’ Die Hard series, opening this weekend, Transformers opening Wednesday and the latest Harry Potter movie opening next weekend there is plenty to choose from.

It looks like the winner in terms of critical praise this weekend is Ratatouille, the latest from Brad Bird, whose Incredibles had many an adult dragging their kids to the theaters. The story, about a culinary-inclined rodent, appears to be another winner. Hey, at least it isn’t about a penguin.

It’s also a good time to catch up on some of the releases that opened earlier this summer such as Spiderman3, the third Pirates of the Caribbean, Ocean’s 13 or Fantastic 4. Most are still out in the theaters and crowds have thinned.

Food — We saw them last week in the store. New Jersey blueberries are out and we report are in fine flavor. Pick up a box, perhaps some complimentary raspberries,  a couple cups of whipped cream and you have the beginning of a perfect 4th of July dessert. At least good enough until the Jersey peaches arrive in the market.

Have a good weekend everyone,



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