Excitables Father’s Day Edition

It’s Father’s Day this weekend so we know many of you will be out there celebrating with a barbecue but there are a lot of ways to honor dad besides cheap ties and cologne.

For the sports Dad. How about spending some quality time watching the Yankees and Mets play this weekend? It’s been a reversal of fortune for the two teams as the Bronx Bombers have the major’s longest winning streak at nine while the Mets have lost five in row coming into Friday’s game.

If baseball isn’t dad’s game the U.S. Open golf tournament is under way and Tiger and all of his merry men are hacking away in Pennsylvania.

For movie Dad. There’s no better man movie than The Longest Day, the 1962 classic that chronicals the D-Day invasion from both sides of the fight. Robert Mitchum, check; Henry Fonda, check; John Wayne, check; Eddie Albert, check. OK, Eddie Albert doesn’t belong here but you get the picture.

If you want something more appropriate, check out Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy. Yeah, it’s an Adam Sandler movie so you know how things will turn our by the end of the opening credits. But we dare any of you to hold back the tears during the final courtroom scene. It’s Sandler sentimentalism at it’s best and the movie has it’s funny parts as well.

For hungry Dad. Jerseycool will be at the in-laws this weekend cooking up a batch of ribs but for those of you that lack the chops to work a slow grill we suggest Montclair’s Indigo Smoke as an alternative. The ribs live up to their Kansas City reputation so take Dad out if you can. Bonus points if you can get a Sunday gospel brunch reservation.

For music man Dad. There’s a hopping Bruce Springsteen live set of his Dublin concerts last year that feature his folk-inspired Sessions Band but there’s also a great Traveling Wilburys collection in stores that brings the 80s group to CD for the first time ever. Handel that one with care.


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