Great Explanations

As predicted here yesterday, Sopranos creator David Chase weighed in on the show’s final from the comfy confines of France exclusively to the Newark Star Ledger. He offered about as much illumination on the ending as the blank screen that seemed to irritate a nation of fans.

“I have no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there.”

Chase went on defending the final saying there was no intention to frustrate people and left the door open to a possible movie should he get the right idea and, probably, the right dollars.

Ambiguous endings are fine. We have no problem with that. I think the issue is that after a decade of investments, fans were left with no ending at all.



2 Responses to “Great Explanations”

  1. Paulie Walnuts Says:

    He gave us all we need to know. Tony is dead. Actually, I think they are all dead but Meadow. There had to be someone left to suffer. That’s the significance of her parking troubles. Great theories are published on

  2. jerseycool Says:

    Thanks Paulie,

    I disagree that David Chase gave us everything we need to know. While the idea is interesting that the cut to black symbolized Tony’s death there is no proof for that. Only conjecture.

    The ending is up to the viewer and the fact that Chase did not rule out a movie shows that Tony could still be alive. I don’t think David Chase would write a two-hour movie about Paulie Walnuts tanning himself in front of Satriales.

    Thanks for the comment though and good luck with the site.

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