Excitables For the Weekend of June 8-10

Tony and CarmelaReally there’s only one thing to get excited about this weekend and that’s the Tony Awards Sunday nigh. Oh, we kid, no offense to Broadway but all eyes will be tuned to HBO on Sunday night as one of the greatest achievements in television history comes to a close.

No, we’re not overstating the matter. The Sopranos, all 86 episodes of them, have been the closes television comes to great literature ever. All do respect to past culture benchmarks such as All In The Family, MASH, Cheers and Seinfeld, this serial has been Shakespearean in its ability to capture American life in all its anxiety at then end of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty-first century.

Of course, all of this can blow up if David Chase delivers a clunker of a final. Somehow, we doubt it though. This last season, which was broken up into two parts over a considerable period of time, has been building to an endpoint. How it ends is the great mystery and what will happen has been the subject du jour on most of the talk shows, news programs and Internet pundits for the past few weeks.

Whatever happens our cultural landscape will be a little duller and a little less full come Monday morning.

To celebrate EW.com has a countdown of the 10 best episodes and NJ.com, which is treating the last episode like the loss of a loves on, has a bevy of multimedia including a last supper guide, fan pictures of Soprano sites and more.

Other items of note this weekend:

Oceans Whatever – the vanity trip continues for George Clooney and his merry band of stars as the latest in the Ocean’s remake, Ocean’s 13, joins the plodding summer movie scene.

Springsteen Returns – With little fanfare a new Bruce Springsteen album landed in stores this Tuesday. Live in Dublin, not so much an album as a chronicle of Springsteen folk, jazz, gospel inspired concerts from last summer available on CD, DVD and Blue-Ray. We picked it up and found that if you liked the Seeger Session folk album you’ll probably like the live versions as well. Of particular note, is the wild swing rearrangement of Springsteen’s “Open All Night”, the waltz –inspired version of his “If I Should Fall Behind” and the gospel standard “This Little Light of Mine.”

It’s not an E-Street record and for that a broad swath of Springsteen fans will omit the disc from their collection. Their loss.

Happy Weekend Everyone



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