Yoshi Won’t Roll You Over

Yoshi Japanese Restaurant
109 Watchung Plaza
Montclair, NJ, 07042

We broke the Bloomfield Avenue bubble this Memorial Day weekend and ventured over to the much quieter Watchung Plaza section of town. There are a few shops and restaurants mainly in the two blocks east of the train station but not much in the way of nightlife.

This can be good and bad.

The good. It took us exactly one minute to find a parking spot on Watchung Avenue only a few steps away from our dining destination. Try doing THAT on a Saturday night along Bloomfield Ave.

Still, there’s a buzz missing from that area of town and we’re sorry to report that Yoshi did not make matters any better.

There was only one other couple eating inside when we arrived around 8:30 p.m. last Saturday yet service was a bit on the slow side for such a quiet night.

We had edamame, which was salted but we didn’t get any soy sauce to dip the beans in. Now, that might be the way Yoshi serves them but that isn’t the way everyone eats them.

We ordered the sushi for two and the fish was good but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that wouldn’t be surpassed by Sushi Hanna, Nori, Daruma or even Nouveau Sushi. It also took awhile to get a second glass of water. This may have had to do with us eating outside. Out of sight out of mind I guess but for a place off the beaten path we thought there might be a little something special about Yoshi. Something that would make it a destination, instead, Yoshi is more of a sidestep.



One Response to “Yoshi Won’t Roll You Over”

  1. George Says:

    Try finding a place to park during the day!!!
    We happen to like our little area of town, and actually don’t like the fact that it is so crowded on the week-end. We walk by the way to wherever you want…
    By the way best sushi in NJ: Tomo’s in Little Falls. By far the best….

    Honorable mention: http://www.wild-ginger.biz/

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