Corzine’s Spot Hits the Interent

Gov. Jon Corzine’s “buckle up” public service announcement is all over the Internet today. has it on the home page today if you haven’t seen it.

The clip begins with Corzine introducing himself and then telling everyone he should be dead. The clips from the crash that follow back up his point. We don’t want to rake Corzine over the coals. Not wearing a seat belt in an SUV going 90 miles per hour is pretty stupid but by the looks of the governor he seems to have suffered quite a bit for his mistake.

The click is part of a national “click it or ticket” campaign, and hopefully the PSA will hit home with some people. However, even in this day and age some people just don’t get it. There was a picture on the wires yesterday of President Bush riding around his ranch without a seat-belt. You can see the photo on USAToday’s OnDeadline blog.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. It seems that it’s perfectly legal to not wear a seat belt when you drive on private property in Texas. I suppose accidents on private property are much less lethal than those on public property. However, after Gov. Corzine’s incident wouldn’t it be nice to have leaders lead by example for a change.



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