Excitables for the Weekend of May 18-20

Because of time constraints this week we have a truncated excitables column. Sorry folks but the world has gotten busy for the one man media department here. Anyway, if we missed anything feel free to add it to our comments below.
Cheers and onward

The weather will be crappy this weekend but if they play then all eyes in the area will be on the annual grudge match between the Yankees and Mets this weekend at Shea. The novelty isn’t quite what it used to be and the Bronx Bombers aren’t helping things out by royally sucking so badly this year, but it still is great theater.

Elsewhere this weekend:

Shrek is Back — In the theater’s the mighty green ogre, Shrek returns for a third go-around in the appropriately title “Shrek the Third.” The impressive cast of characters are back and here’s to hoping that this trilogy works out better than the Spiderman series did.

Sopranos winding down – We haven’t written about it in a while but the final episodes of the Sopranos are delivering as advertised. Without giving too much away it looks like each character is getting a swan song and things are coming to a head and according to at least one of the actors on that show the end could be quite bloody. An article in today’s NY Post quotes Steven Van Zandt as saying the last few episodes will be very violent to the point where if you think they could do a Soprano’s film it would have to be a prequel.

Happy weekend everyone,



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