Melinda Done Wrong

What can we say, while all of us bloggers were busy trying to figure out who would lose to Melinda Doolittle in the American Idol finals phone voters and texters were busily trying to keep Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis in the game. End result: bye, bye Melinda.

Yes folks, there is no fairness in American Idol land where voters apparently preferred the beat box gimmickry of Blake Lewis and the golly gee cheerfulness of Jordin Sparks over the much more talented though charismatically challenged Melinda Doolittle.

The anguished look on Simon Cowell’s face said it all as the results were announced and the only thing left to do now is pick apart the bones and let the conspiracy theories begin. Yes, though Doolittle was by far the best singer on this year’s idol, record producers were probably wringing their hands trying to figure out how they would market the 29-year old jazz singer to a generation Y audience.

Underneath the groans from last nights audience were quite a few sighs of relief from record producers. Of course, Doolittle will make a record it just won’t be sold as an American Idol winner’s record and that might not be such a bad thing.

In fact, the perfomace of last years third place finisher Eliott Yamin combined with the success of also ran Chris Daughtry should prove that American Idol is more about the exposure than who wins.

Yamin’s passionate soul singing last night left that other gray-haired singer from last year back in the dust though we were a bit confused when Yamin took the stage and we thought we had accidentally flipped over to a rerun of Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer.

So farewell Mindy Doo and if nothing else her ouster makes next week’s final all the more unpredictable.



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