And Then There Were Three

Last night’s final three of American Idol was actually a pretty good show. Usually the final two are pretty obvious and it’s just a waiting game for the next episode. But it really is conceivable that any one of the three remaining Idol wannabees could be bounced tonight.

It’s obvious that Melinda Doolittle has the best voice and is the most polished of the final three. In many respects she’s already won. Still, she has an older style and could be a surprising final cut. Remember Chris Daughtry was once the clear cut front runner last season. We think Doolittle will be there in the end and actually should win easily.

Which brings us to a choice between the young and bubbly Jordin Sparks and the quirky cool Blake Lewis; both had there good and bad moments last night but we think Idol fans still reward the vocal over everything else.

So we believe we bid adieu to Mr. Lewis tonight. The Michael Winslow of American Idol will probably go on to have a decent career. We don’t see ever buying one of his records because beat boxing is cool for about 20 seconds and then it gets a bit annoying, much like Michael Winslow of Police Academy fame.

But in a season that despite the gaudy ratings was charismatically challenged Blake gave us something unexpected to look forward to. As for Ms. Sparks, her feel good vibe will have a mighty challenge going up against Melinda Doolittle. If it’s a Doolittle-Sparks final than it may be one the most lopsided AI ending this side of Fantasia-Degarma.



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