Indigo Smoke Is a Cure For The Blues

Indigo Smoke
380 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ,

It had become something of an embarrassment that we hadn’t tried Montclair’s version of Kansas City Barbecue since we moved here a couple of years ago. Maybe it was the restaurant’s location on the other end of town from Jerseycool headquarters but for one reason or another we hadn’t tried the joint.

Well, we remedied that the other night and with every bite we regretted not having gone sooner. If you are a carnivore in the area, heck, if you’re a BBQ fan in New Jersey than Indigo Smoke is worth the trip.

The restaurant isn’t much on the eyes. Neat and clean tables with a cushioned booth opposite a set of tables in the back. All very standard stuff. There’s a couch area for take out patrons but, despite the small size, we found we had more than enough elbow room even though we were in the back with two other couples to our right and left.

The restaurant was out of beef brisket, we thought that was odd for early on a Friday but they had enough to serve on sampler plates. Sold! We ordered the meat sampler to share and also ordered the side sampler.

If you’re trying Indigo for the first time we highly recommend this strategy since it gives you a taste of all the main meats: ribs, brisket and chicken and you get to sample six side dishes, which are almost worth the price of admission by themselves.

The ribs are Kansas City sweet as they should be for a place that boasts about both it’s Zagat rating, which is quite high, and its membership in the Kansas City Barbecue Society. We don’t know about any of that but we do know that the ribs we had were succulent, savory and fell off the bone. The brisket was also melt-water mouth worthy leaving the chicken behind but only because everything else was sooo good.

Several of the side dishes also stood out and should not be missed. C took one bite of the whipped sweet potatoes and declared “if it were cold it would be ice cream.” The mac and cheese also had a home made authenticity that made you curse the day you ever cooked the stuff out of the box and the pull apart bread did more than just serve as a mop up solution for all of the left over juices on our plate.

You may have noticed a lack of green vegetables on our menu and this presents a problem for vegetarians. Even the string beans are cooked with bacon so unless your diet allows for fish there is little on Indigo Smoke’s menu that will suit your diet.

Indigo Smoke also has some interesting services. The restaurant features a jazz and gospel brunch on Sundays, which we have put on our schedules, delivery and take out menus and Indigo has a dinners club where patrons can pay a yearly fee to have meals prepared and delivered in advance.

In battleship parlance we scored a hit with Indigo Smoke and we’ll be sure to make a return trip soon.



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