Starbucking the Trend

We get as annoyed with Starbucks as the next guy. Why do I have to order a tall when I want a small? Why do I need to pay $3 for a cup of java that most places sell for half that? Why does the person making my drink make me want to punch them?

However, on occasion, the Buck gets it right.

One of the companies marketing programs prints customer quotes and opinions on the outside of their cups. Most are fairly innocuous along the lines of “Don’t eat the yellow snow” but some customers have, as you probably expected, taken offense with some of the opinions fellow latte lovers have to offer. Namely, several questioning the existence or importance of God. It’s also fair to note there are pro-religion quotes as well.

Anyway, the blog WorldNet Daily has a much better post on this than we could come up with if you want to read the controversial quotes but let’s send our props out to the Buck for sticking to its guns. Rather than bow to a few — and I mean a few (think Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram, you know, the usual suspects), who are calling for boycotts, protests, the ritual dumping of tea at your local Starbucks, the company is sticking with the program.

Now, we love Jesus as much as the next guy, heck, we even share the same initials but what’s happened to us as a society when we can’t read a quote on a coffee cup without having a hissey fit and threatening a boycott. If you can’t get through your mocha grande because of a sentence some Seattle hipster jotted down on a brownie sugar rush you’ve got some issues.

We’ll see how this plays out, but good for Starbucks for standing up to the tyranny of small minds.



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