Excitables for the Weekend of May 4-6

Months and months of eager anticipation end today when the Drew Barrymore-Eric Bana Las Vegas romantic comedy Lucky You opens today. It promises to begin the summer movie season with blockbuster proportions. Oh, wait, wrong movie.

Yes, this weekend is all about Tobey Maguire and KirstenSpiderman Dunst and more importantly it’s about the return of Spiderman to the lives of children young and old. We give a lot of hat tips to director Sam Raimi who breathed life into comic book movies with the first two Spiderman movies. Sure there have been some clunkers since Maguire first donned the red and blue, namely the aforementioned Bana in the Hulk, but buoyed by Spiderman studios relaunched both the Batman and Superman franchises.

Now we come to the third installment. Traditionally, this is where a trilogy flaters and can sometimes outright fail. For every LOTR: The Return of the King, there’s a Superman III, Batman and Robin even last year’s X-Men movie wrapped up its trilogy with a decided whimper.

The reviews have been mixed. The NY Times said it fizzled while Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a B-. If any movie is review proof though, Spiderman 3 is it. It’s already taken in some $30 million in just three days of release and could possible garner the biggest movie weekend gross in film history. It’s a good sign for Hollywood as this year’s summer releases are chock full of familiar faces including Shrek (Shrek the Third), Jason Bourne (The Bourne Ultimatum), John McLain (Live Free or Die) and even Homer Simpson (The Simpson Movie).

Elsewhere this weekend

And they’re Off –– Hockey and NBA playoffs drone on this weekend along with the baseball season but there is only one Kentucky Derby from Churchill Downs. Coverage begins 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

Viva Cinco de Mayo — If you’ve passed anywhere near your local Mexican place then you’ve notices that it’s Cinco de Mayo . Most people think the holiday celebrates Mexico independence but actually it commemorates some victory over the French (who the heck hasn’t beat France at one time or another.) Anyway, we sorta think it’s just an excuse to drink margaritas and Mexican beer. Nothing wrong with that. If you like crowds and noise check out your nearest Mexican restaurant. The odds for cheesiness increase with number of restaurants in the chain (think Chilli’s). Anyway, if that isn’t you thing try a French restaurant tomorrow. They won’t be celebrating anything.

Greek to Me — Mexican culture is not the only one out in force this weekend. The Greek Orthodox Church of St. George is holding its annual Greek Festival in Clifton this weekend. There is both indoor and outdoor dining. Lot’s of lamb and moussaka will be had by all. The church is at 818 Valley Road in Clifton.


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