Two Idols for the Road

Yes ducklings the calendar has turned to May, which means it’s sweeps month in TV land. And May sweeps means stunt casting and “very special” episodes galore as our favorite diversions wind down for the season.

Tonight, for the first time we get not one but two ejections on American Idol. If you’ve been hiding under a rock then you don’t know that Idol deferred last week’s elimination because of it’s begathon for child poverty and will axe the bottom two vote getters this week after adding the past two weeks vote totals together. Get it? No. Well, all you gotta know is two people go home tonight and next week we get to the bottom four, which means your Idol hopefuls will get to butcher not just one but two very special songs a night.

Anyway, last night’s Bon Jovi themed outing had all the makings of a kareoke disaster but, surprisingly enough, there really wasn’t an awful performance. Sure Jordin Sparks stunk up the place with a completly phony version of “Living on a Prayer” but heck even Chris Richardson was mildly in tune on “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Lakisha Jones also made a comeback of sorts. We still think her vocals have been a bit off but because she couldn’t do a well known AI song she chose the obscure “This Ain’t a Love Song” and brought back memories of her earlier blues-based performances. We think her soul kiss with Simon Cowell after the performance was buzz worthy enough to save her from elimination. Hey Kiki, it’s a small price to pay to save yourself one more week.

Even Phil Stacey continued his winning streak with a powerful performance of “Blaze of Glory” and Melinda Doolittle, as charismatically-challenged as she is, showed she can do just about anything with a very passable “Have a Nice Day.”

The winner though was Blake Lewis, the Michael Winslow of American Idol performers. We’ve contended all season long that Lewis knows he doesn’t have the vocal chops to win Idol but he’s savvy enough to know the show gives him a forum to market himself to a record company. Blake’s not after the Idol crown, he’s auditioning for his own deal. He may just have won it with his beat-box version of “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

The performance from the now black-haired singer was enough to convince anyone that the dude is artistic enough to have a hit, well, at least a movie-soundtrack cover hit.

Anyway, predictions.

The safe bet is that on a night when just about everyone did pretty well, past history will come into play. Bad news for Phil “bottom three” Stacey and Chris Richardson. We honestly, don’t see Richardson making it past this week since he doesn’t have the vocals to out-sing Melinda or Lakesha and can’t out-creative Blake.

The wild card is Jordin Sparks. She had her worst performance and we didn’t like her awe shucks I didn’t do a good job this week act either. We’re thinking others were rubbed the wrong way too and this could be the week when voters decide between Jordin, Melinda and Lakesha. It was a bad week to mail it in, Jordin and we think it could cost her.

We’re going out on a limb saying Chris Richardson and Jordin Sparks will be gone by 10:01 tonight.



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