Everybody Safe On Stage

Turns out we were all wrong about who was going home last night on American Idol, well, kind of. Because the show morphed into the Jerry Lewis telethon for one magical night, Ryan Seacrest just didn’t have the heart to give either Lakisha or Chris the boot.

Yep, we’re sticking by our prediction that one of the two will be gone next week when the lowest two voters will be eliminated. We figure there’s no way the show will get 70 million votes next week when it returns to its cynical, cruel ways so whoever finished last or next to last this week will have to make up a lot of ground next week.

The American Idol telethon itself wasn’t bad. The clips of children in need were sufficiently heartbreaking, performances were all pretty good with standout songs from Kelly Clarkson and Annie Lennox. Lisa Simpson’s impersonation of Paula Abdul was probably the funniest part of the show and Celine Dion’s duet with a superimposed Elvis Presley was the creepiest.

Speaking of the King’s big moment on stage, we’ve always argued that a duets night on Idol would be a terrific idea but could never get through because of two problems 1) you need an even number of contestants meaning the only way you could do it is at 12 or 10  2) there’s something inherently unfair about being judged as a duet during an individual competition.

However, did we see the solution last night. Next year will a duet feature a live Idol contestant singing with a holograph of their musical idol.  Think of the previous possibilities, Taylor Hicks-Ray Charles, Chris Daughtry-Ed Kowalczyk, Fantasia-Macy Gray, Jennifer Hudson-Billie Holiday. The list goes on and on and might make for an interesting night of Idol. Probably more interesting than 70s night.



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