Lakisha Does It Again

OK, folks. One more time with feeling. If you ever happen to be on American Idol and think about covering another song performed by someone who was previously on American Idol, stop, pack up your things and immediately move out of the AI hotel or wherever they put the contestants.

Just one week after Lakisha Jones bounced into the bottom two with a shouty version of Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” she did it again this time with a shouty version of Fantasia Barrino’s “I Believe.” Dear lord someone stop this girl before she starts covering Kevin Covais.

Now, Kiki sang Fantasia better than she sang Carrie Underwood but even Paula Abdul cringed at what was clear to everyone in the room. Kiki is no Fantasia, no Carrie Underwood and might not be Jennifer Hudson (oh yeah, she covered Hudson in week 1 too). On a week where Idol contestants were supposed to be singing inspirational tunes in line with their “Idol Gives Back” theme (more on that later) apparently she was not inspired to do anything somewhat original.

This could be the end for Kiki tonight since there is no Sanjaya and Phil “Bottom Three” Stacey seems to have found himself.

Two things might save Jones. First, Blake Edwards committed career sacrilege by covering the beloved John Lennon tune Imagine. It was a wobbly, off-key version that reminded people how weak Blake’s vocals are and how not like John Lennon he is. Second, Chris Richardson stank up the stage covering Eric Clapton. The boy gave the worst vocal of the night and with Sanjaya biting the dust last week, Idol voters might be getting around to pruning the tree of bad vocals. Even though the judges praised Richardson’s performance they obviously were suffering some kind of group brain fart since we at JerseyCool central were mightily annoyed by the great nasaler.

Our prediction for tonight however is Lakisha Jones getting the dismissal slip. Two weeks of butchering other Idol songs is probably two weeks too much.

Now, a word on Idol Gives Back. I’m really torn on this one, folks. The cynical side of me is bursting at the seams with what looks like a brazen PR stunt but the other side is thinking this is a pretty worthwhile endeavor for the show. Yeah, it’s a ploy to generate buzz and ratings but Idol didn’t have to do this. The show could have just merrily slogged through this season without lifting a finger. In the end some very needy people here and abroad will get help and that overshadows the cynicism in our book.



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