Size Doesn’t Seem to Matter at Gaucho Steak

Gaucho Steak – Argentinian Grill
381 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ, 0704

Hi folks, sorry but Gaucho Steakhouse is no more. This post is here as a memorial but the restaurant has closed. 

We took in the new eatery on Bloomfield Avenue last week and while we found the meal filling it could be a shock to diners accustomed to the 48 oz prime rib you get at say Charlier Browns or Lonestar Steakhouse.
OK, now let’s be fair. We ordered the Filete, which our server promptly noted was the smallest of the restaurant’s chops and we did see a few larger plates coming out from the kitchen. If you’re looking to pig out ask the server what the best option is.

Gaucho Steak also serves grass fed free range steaks imported form South America, so when you walk in keep in mind you’re paying for quality not quantity here and the quality is quite good.

We thought the Filete had a nice organic flavor to it, different from the over-processed fare you normally get at a steakhouse. The sauces served with the Filete were also tasty and necessary since the meat is gamier than you’d expect. Where we were truly disappointed was in the sides. Our Filete came with half a caramelized onion, which was good but at $22 a steak we expected a bit more.

Now C went for the Lomo — beef tenderloin, onion sundried tomato bacon tart and Cabrales Cheese. Again, we thought the flavor was great but portions were a bit light for the $22 item.

Now, the really good news is because we had room in the tummy we sampled the chocolate stuffed empanada guilt free and were rewarded with a tasty dessert that polished off the meal well.

We also reccomend the oxtail empanada as an appetizers. It was a great way to prepare the palette for the Latin American fare.

As for the intangibles, we were promptly seated without a reservation around 6:30 on a Friday and our server was great, patiently explaining the different menu options. The decor is also inviting, the walls are a deep red, which seems to be the color du jour among restaurants today and South American cowboy paraphernalia adorns the walls. Reminds us a bit of Mesob, the Eithiopian place down the street that we’ve been praising.

Overall, Gaucho was a great experience. We think some diners might be put off by the price/portion ratio but for those looking for a different kind of steakhouse Gauch should be on the shortlist of places to try.

If you want a slightly different take read S. J. Gintzler’s three star review of Gaucho on




One of the more interesting things about traveling to other countries is eating out and one of the things thatGaucho Steakhouse frustrates Americans to no end is portion size. We eat big here in the states and most countries, with the exception of maybe Italy, serve much more reasonable portions. If you’re a fan of this then Gaucho Steakhouse in Montclair is for you.


2 Responses to “Size Doesn’t Seem to Matter at Gaucho Steak”

  1. Bob Sanders Says:

    Maybe if Americans ate a realistic portion size instead of pigging out on 48 oz of meat in a single sitting you might not suffering from the overwhelming obesity problem your country has developd.

  2. Dan Says:

    Americans have a big appetite Bob! We’re a big country, we grow big people, and we like big food. C’mon and visit and be sure to bring the wife. Hell, I’ll eat her too!

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