Kiki Better Hope Jesus Takes This Wheel And Texted Some Votes

Let’s start off by apologizing for being away the past few days. Not only has JerseyCool been navigating the flood waters to get back and forth to work but we’ve been locked in day long develop meetings at the day gig. Hey someone’s gotta pay for all this wit and wisdom.

Anyway, we have a very pleasant, with the emphasis on pleasant, review of Gaucho Steakhouse for the locals to chew on forthcomLakisha Jonesing but for now here’s our Wednesday take on American Idol and our predictions, condensed style.

OK, the good: Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, Blake Edwards with A, A- and B+ performances respectively.

The mediocre: Phil “Bottom Three” Stacey. Actually, not a bad performance but if shaking hands with people in the crowd counts for personality then we have dropped our standards haven’t we. Phil gets a one week reprieve from the bottom three but it’s probably just for one week.

The bad: Lakisha Jones, Chris Richardson and Sanjaya Malakar. All deserve to be in the bottom three, though Jones’ fans may rally to her defense, which would put Phil back into his weekly spot. Still, if you haven’t figured out by now that it’s a bad idea to cover songs made popular by other American Idols (Kiki sang “Jesus Take the Wheel”) you really deserve to go home (nobody butchers Carrie Underwood on country week, nobody!) Richardson did his sing through the nose shtick and then pandered for votes by adding his condolences to the Virginia Tech victims. It may have been genuine but it looked like pandering and people American Idol is all about the looks. Sanjaya was actually really, really bad this week which brings us to….

Predication: Sanjaya goes tonight because I think even the vote for the worsters have gotten tired of this. When you turn the mockery into a mockery it’s just not fun anymore. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the week the diva vote solidifies around Ms. Doolittle, which is bad news for Kiki.



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