Haley’s Gone, You’re Pulling My Leg

Haley ScarnatoHaley Scarnato’s legs and plunging necklines couldn’t get her past this week’s American Idol. We got the predication right but we’re the first to admit that it didn’t take Nostradamus to pick this one, folks.

Now, Haley looks like a nice enough girl but once it became apparent she didn’t have the vocal chops for the competition, clothes started coming off and breasts started jiggling. Not a bad decision but for the third week in a row Scarnato basically performed in her underwear and she got called out for it.

She might have made a better decision by trying to rock out and steal some of those Gina Glockson fans looking for a canidate. It would have been a hollow stop gap but she could have garnered the two to three votes needed to beat Phil “bottom three” Stacey, who will probably go next week.

This brings us to Sanjaya Malakar, the tone deaf don. He actually wasn’t bad this week, however this does not mean he was actually good. The cannon fodder is getting closer and closer to Malakar, who we expect to lose sometime in the next two weeks as people who take AI seriously start to rally toward one candidate or another.

I don’t think Vote for the Worst is keeping Malakar in this but for all of those who think it would be funny if he wins let me leave you with this. If Malakar wins be prepared to pay to vote. Yep, you heard it here first. You’ll have to pay to vote next year and not some measly 10 cent messaging charge. No, we’re talking about a $1 per vote donated to charity of course. This would instantly cut down on repeat voters.

Hey, I’m as amused by Sanjaya’s run here as the next guy but I ain’t paying money to see it happen.



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