More From the Lost Files

Doc Jensen over at says tonight’s episode of Lost is another good one. Now, I know a lot of people are down on the show. The never ending mysteries, the break between episodes and the sudden appearance of new characters can get frustrating. However, this lost in all the Lost talk is the simple fact that this season has actually been quite good.

I think the hostage story line went on a bit too long. It was tough maintaining any narrative momentum when one episode focused on the hostages, another focused on the others and another on the beach castaways. Lost has always been at its best when it shuffles and moves different storylines along at the same time.

It also suffers from X-Files syndrome. Unless you’ve been with Lost from the begining there’s really no way to follow along, so it’s pretty tough to pick up new viewers.

Awhile back Lost producers floated the idea of picking an end date for the show. Hopefully, with the Sopranos picking up ratings during its final run this will bring ABC to its senses and end Lost after next season. The suits could even wrap it up with a two-hour movie the following fall just to milk it one last time. It would be a good way to reward fans who have stuck with the show through some frustrating times. These are the people who created fan sites, launched podcasts and created entire communities of like-minded TV junkies.

Lost was the first TV 2.0 show and its fans deserve an end for all their investments.



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