Idol Season Downshifts Into Neutral

The best thing I can say about Latin music night on last night’s American Idol is that it’s over. By far the worst set of performances thus far confirmed that this will be Idol’s first down year. Honestly, has anyone of the six remaining contestants wowed? Could you see yourself buying a record from any of them much less plunking down $75 for a concert ticket? Will someone step up to entertain?

Let’s run down the contestants in order of who we think will win.

Melida Doolittle — Technically a great singer but I think we’re finding out why she was a backup singer all those years. No one wants to hear from a woman who sings like a diva but acts like the girl who spent prom night at the library.

Jordin Sparks — Too cutesy but of the remaining idols I’d say she has the best chances of growing into the roll.

Lakisha Jones — Great voice but why am I always thinking of some other great singer when she’s belting out tunes.

Blake Lewis — I’ve been contending all year that Blake knows he can’t win this so he’s simply auditioning for a record contract. I want to punch him every time he goes into that little break dance move on stage.

Chris Richardson — The world already has one Justin Timberlake, pale imitators need not apply.

Phil Stacey — Dude, you can’t crack on the high notes at this stage of the competition.

Haley Scarnato — Nice legs. I know it’s an easy potshot but if you’re going to play the tart-card week after week you deserve to get called out on it as Simon Cowell did last night.

Sanjaya Malakar — Watch out Sanjaya, the better you sing, the more “Vote for the Worst” ballots you send Haley’s way.

So there we are duckys. It’s officially a bummer of a season but don’t fret. Survivor has had these types of seasons and may be in the midst of one this year as well. I see a change of venue for next season perhaps holding the competition in New York or Chicago will give the series a creative jolt. I dunno, it may come down to the judges doing a better job finding talent.

Picks for tonight. Bottom three. Phil, Haley and Sanjaya, yes Sanjaya hits the bottom three tonight but Haley will go home.



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