House Hunting With Cruelty

The Daily News’ David Hinckley has a piece today about the cruelest man on Tuesday night TV. American Idol’s Simon Cowell? No, Princeton General’s Greg House.

Yeah, if you’re a fan of the show then by well you know that House’s cutting tongue is one of the more amazing things about the show. Knowing no boundaries, including race and gender, House quips with razor wit.

Of course, Hinckley’s theory that House could out cruel Cowell is a bit flawed since there’s a team of writers working up House’s insults. I’m sure Cowell has some ideas about ready to roll for when Sanjaya takes the stage tonight but it’s not like he knows exactly how bad this year’s vocally challenged champion will be.

This brings us to a discussion of TV friends. It’s OK to have TV friends as long as you remember they’re just TV friends.



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