Excitables — The Easter Edition

There is probably only one person who can outshine the Easter bunny this weekend, Tony Soprano, and he returns Sunday night at 9 p.m. on HBO. Yep, after a long…long weight there will be nothing finer on Sunday than wrapping up a visit with thTony and Carmelae family than with a visit with THE FAMILY. Easter is a time of reflection and our pop-culture souls are coming to grips with the fact that there are 10 weeks of Sopranos left in the world.

Still, the sadness is tempered somewhat in the knowledge that all things come to an end and, by and large, the Sopranos has not disappointed during its run. So, those of you who only order HBO during Sopranos season put down your egg-coloring kits and get on the phone with your cable operator because there’s no resurrecting this series once it’s gone. TheStar Ledger has been running daily catch-ups, which you can find on NJ.com and EW.com has a nifty slide show that can get you up to date in two minutes.

Elsewhere this weekend.

Easter — Did we mention it’s Easter this weekend. This is somewhat tempered by the fact it’s 40 degrees outside but NJ.com has a list of events including Easter egg hunts, bunny hops and parades. Goody, goody.

Entourage– Somewhat lost in the Sopranos hoopla is the return of Vincent Chase and his merry men to the haunts of Hollywood. When last we left the boys, Vince had just fired his agent Ari but since Jeremy Piven has been prominent in the previews we think he’s coming back into the fold in some capacity. When HBO announced this pairing over the Winter we called it one of the strongest nights of programming in the channels history and we stand by that statement. Don’t call us on Sunday nights for the next 10 weeks.

GrindhGrindhouseouse — Quentin Tarantino and Rober Rodriguez’ double-feature is one of the more interesting movie projects this year. Two movies about killer zombies and serial killers based on exploitation films of the 1970s. The movie comes packaged with an intermission and faux trailers of other low-brow fair. Certainly not a film to take the family to over the holiday weekend but we expect it to do killer box office anyway. Elsewhere in movie land, if you’re interested in exploitation someone pulled a fast one on two-time Academy Award winner Hillary Swank getting her to star in The Reaping, a horror flick based on biblical plaques. Yeah, we can smell that one from here.

Lest we forget, Ice Cube stars in Are We Done Yet?, a sequel to 2005’s Are We There Yet? We didn’t know there was pent up demand for this sequel but there you have it.

The Masters — In our opinion the only golf event worth watching. The Masters coincides with Easter this weekend, which could make for interesting viewing on Sunday.

Happy Easter people,



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