Office Pool

Well, we were pretty close with our American Idol predictions. We had the bottom three right, with Gina Glockson, Haley Scarnato and Phil Stacey but our Mr. Clean pick of Stacey was off the mark as poor Gina went home.

We’re sad to see the Glock go. She wasn’t the greatest singer in the world but she carried the torch for all those girls who sing in front of the mirror dreaming of hitting it big. She wasn’t the rocker in the competition she was the everygirl. We’ll miss her and her tongue stud.

On a positive note, every time Haley Scarnato gets in the bottom three she comes back with less and less clothes the next week. We’re bettin’ bikini for J Lo week next Tuesday.

On to more pressing items.

It’s been awhile since we looked forward to an episode of the Office. Part of that has been the repeat schedule because of March Madness and the other part is that we tend to take the show for granted. However, tonight the ramifications of Pam’s confession of the Jim kiss to former fiance Roy finally plays out. I dunno duckys? We’re betting on Roy here but don’t count out Dwight coming to Jim’s defense at some point during the altercation. Whatever happens it’s sure to get pretty uncomfortable in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin and Michael will surly make matters worse.

And if you missed it the first time around NBC is reairing Roseanne Barr’s guest turn on My Name is Earl. She plays a woman who thinks the voice of Earl is the voice of God. ’nuff said. Anyway, it’s on at 10:30, an odd time for the normally 8 p.m. show but it’s worth staying up for.



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