Left to Idol

Tony Bennett came, he coached, we suffered. Yes, folks I’ll go on record calling last night’s American Idol one of the dullest in recent memory. When people are talking about the forgetable Chris Richardson as performer of the night, well, it was dullsville.

Anyway, predictions. We think it’s the end of the line for Phil Stacey, who sang “Night and Day” like a stalker looking for a date. It didn’t help that the number was a bit off key as well.Chris Richardson

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gina Glockson in the bottom three as well but we think the Glock will pull through since Tony Bennet wasn’t expected to be her strong suit anyway.

We think America’s got one more week of love for Sanjaya Malakar before the serious voters start to settle on a candidate and you’ve got to give the boy props for pulling out John Travolta’s suit from Saturday Night Fever.

This means bad news for charisma challenged Haley Scarnato who continues to lose more and more clothing every week. Haley not only had the legs out in full force last night but she took the twins out for a stroll as well, if you know what we mean. Though our money would be on Phil going home tonight, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Haley to check out permanently of the competition.

We’re pretty confident everyone else will be safe. Snoozing but safe.



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