Fountains Full of Treats

Spring, March Madness, opening day, property tax reform…will the goodies ever stop coming? Apparently not as the latest Fountains of Wayne record, “Traffic and Weather” hits stores today.

The New Jersey-New York area band hit it big a couple of years ago with the song “Stacy’s Mom,” which received heavy airplay on the radio and on a TV commercial. The song and its album, the horribly titled “Welcome Interstate Managers,” earned the group Fountains of Waynea best new artists nomination after 10 long years of touring and releasing records.

Those who have been listening to FOW since the mid 1990s, when they had a minor hit with “Radiation Vibe,” know the group’s signature sound, a mash up of Beach Boys and Beatles, is irrestably catchy. So far, early reviews point that the band hasn’t changed its style much and that’s a good thing. Normally, we might be cynical about an artist milking it until the cow comes home, but when you’ve got a cow like FOW keep milking boys.

One of the cool things about FOW are the references to local landmarks, the Tappenzee bridge, PATH trains, Hackensack and Utopia Parkway, to name just a few. It’s as if Bruce Springsteen had morphed into a catchy, modern version of the Beatles. Appropriate for a band named after a semi-famous Jersey icon on the side of Route 46.

We’ll be sure to pick up the disc when we get a chance and offer our two cents for whatever that’s worth but you can read an interview with FOW’s Adam Schelssinger here to wet your appetite. Anyone who has given it a listen feel free to comment below.



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