The Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore Can’t Run for President

There are moments during “An Inconvenient Truth” where I’m picturing my Republican friends throwing bricks at their flat screen televisions. It’s not the science parts, which aside from some quibles here and there, is mostly accurate and largely compelling.

No, it’s the shots of Al Gore on his farm, or pensivly looking over his global warming slide show on his laptop, or working from his home office doggedly dedicated to the cause that probably irritate them. It’s a bit like the shots of President BusAn Inconvenient Truthh clearing brush on his ranch that irritate the heck out of liberals. Gore is often portrayed in the film as a wronged politician and the only guy in the room who got things right. What’s really scary is the film may be right.

This is a serious issue for us here in New Jersey. If you’ve ever been to Island Beach State Park or to Long Beach Island than you know there’s a thin strip of barrier island that protects the Garden State from whatever lurks out there in the Atlantic. If Gore is right most of those places Jerseyans hold dear would be under water.

We generally refrain from politics here on Jerseycool but we will dip our toes in this if only for a moment. Gore’s slideshow should be required viewing for everyone whethor or not you agree with his politics. There are a good number of partisans out there who scoff at Gore, calling him the man who invented the Internet. But the issue at the forefront of “An Inconvenient Truth” and the consequences of not acting on global warming leave no room for jokes.

This brings me to my main point and this is directed squarly at Mr. Gore, who I’m sure is an avid JerseyCool reader and will see this shortly. Al you can’t run for president.

Here’s why.

If Gore truly believes in the threat caused by global warming and by watching “An Inconvenient Truth” it seems he does then it cannot be cheapened. If Gore runs for president then the entire film ceases to become a rallying cry for action and instead will become a piece of propaganda. Sure, the science will still be there, but the motivation will be tainted just enough to derail any progress.

So what should Gore do if he doesn’t run for president? May we suggest a sequel. There’s more to Gore’s slideshow than what’s in “An Inconvenient Truth” he should show more of it and “An Inconvenient Truth: Part 2” would give Gore a chance to answer and/or clarify some of the science that’s been questioned.

Gore has already taken his campaign to Congress. He should take it to the American people on television, on radio and on the Internet. Instead of being the guy who invented the Internet, he shold be the guy who got Americans to take their energy consumption seriously. What Gore can do more than anything else is bring attention and focus to global warming more effectivly than the national media or anyone else can at the moment.

As history has show any idiot can become president, how many people get the chance to save the planet?



6 Responses to “The Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore Can’t Run for President”

  1. DJ Says:

    I think JerseyCool needs to read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear.

    Human-caused global warming is nothing more than a hypothesis. I love how everybody blames Americans for not doing their part to prevent global warming – leaving out the “human-caused” preface to global warming, of course. After all, everything from volcanoes, sun spots, and the occasional arsonist torching .5 million acres of land (not just in the US) contribute to global warming as well. Yet, you’ll never see publications of the belching Asian factories perform every minute or how if India were the size of the US and maintains their population per square mile they’d most likely kill the planet in a decade. There are so many scientific factors that play a part in global warming (not just Big Al’s electric bill) that the model is ever so changing. Of course, our “unbiased” friends in the mainstream media will only report on the bad changes.

    I’ll admit there is a warming trend – it began in the 1800’s!! All those horses being fed too much chili, I suppose. But you can’t sit there for a minute and say that it’s all America’s fault. NOT without any real factual data

    Maybe Al Gore’s half-truths should get together with Michael Moore’s half-truths to produce a movie that’s filled with whole-truths.

  2. jerseycool Says:

    Thanks for commenting, DJ. I can always count on your fair take on things. Have you seen the film? Gore gets into a lot of your criticisms.

  3. DJ Says:

    I was going to see the film, but I was a little hesitant to contribute money to his agenda. I figured I’d wait until it doesn’t cost me $9+ to see it. I’m glad I held off. I caught little snippets of it enough to turn me away from wasting my time – Like how the film introduces Carbon Dioxide by showing industrial smoke stacks (last I checked, CO2 was invisible) and how he mentions the decrease of Greenland’s ice would be catastrophic to NYC (showing footage seems a lot like the entertainment of “The Day After Tomorrow”) when in fact the increase of ice in Antarctica offsets sea level rise resulting from any melting at Greenland and that the sea levels rise roughly less than 1 inch a year if anything.

    For an interesting counterpoint, check out the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s rebuttal at There’s a nice powerpoint preso that outlines some interesting counter-facts to Gore’s slanted film as well as a free PDF book to read that goes into all counter points. You think this guy will get any awards?

    There’s actually some interesting video on the above site where the author talks about his visit to Oprah Winfrey with Al Gore and how Al put on his politician hat and wouldn’t answer a specific question, stating we shouldn’t listen to the author because of his organization’s funding.

    Lastly, I refuse to support somebody who’s nominated for a noble peace prize (no surprise there) and is now out lobbying for what is inevitably his in October.

  4. jerseycool Says:

    While I respect your opinion DJ, I have to disagree. For every 1 scientist who says there’s no such thing as global warming there’s about a 100 who do. Most agree that the problem is man made and where there is debate it’s generally over the consequences and climate models. The fact that there’s never been a peer reviewed article that counters the global warming theory is telling.

    I don’t advocate listening to Al Gore as if he were the bible but relying on “think tank” data as a reliable source is a bit like drinking the kool aid. If a think tank comissions a study that doesn’t agree with its agenda, they won’t tell you about it.

    In fact, last week’s 60 Minutes had a piece about the Antarctic ice cap and indeed the cap is shrinking just like in the North. I believe the study CEI referenced said the Antarctic cap would grow because of increased snowfall, which is a bi-product of global warming, however, even those models are now being questioned.


  5. DJ Says:

    A few who drop from the consensus doesn’t make it an consensus anymore. Just because 100 mainstream scientists are too scared to actually analyze the data doesn’t make them accurate. Of course, I’m not saying the 1 scientist is accurate either. But there is just as much compelling evidence against global warming as there is for it. Either way, I’d imagine you’d already known that before posting your article.

    I’m not exactly stating, or trying to defend a fact that global warming doesn’t exist. I’m sure it does. I am, however, against scare tactics and policies based from fear, which is the underlying agenda of Gore’s film. To put into law (which will eventually happen) measures everybody must take to throw money at a non-existent “footprint” based on hypothetical data is ridiculous. Furthermore, to say that anything we do (we being Americans, since we only produce 1/5th of the problem) will allow my grand kids to live their lives on this earth is entirely misleading information. Until there’s factual – and I mean FACTUAL – data on global warming, and how if only 1/5th of the problem goes away the world will be saved, I’m not doing a damn thing!

  6. C Says:


    I’m finally getting around to reading about the back and forth JC has been telling me about. Are you living in La La land, man? You might want to think that global warming is hypothetical but then there are the facts. I’m not exactly in awe of Gore but he’s right about this.

    He doesn’t say that the U.S. is the only country who should correct their ways. This is just the only country he is in a position to do anything about. Besides if we raise our standards then other countries are likely to follow suit.

    Btw, you can’t say you don’t like “scare tactics” and then vote for Bush Jr.


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