What You Eat Can Kill You

Great piece on CNN today about teenagers with food allergies. The story centers on teenager who bit into a cookie that had peanut butter in it and then died an hour later. We’ve all heard this story before but isn’t it about time that the food industry did something about this.

We have selfish reasons here. My partner in crime C has a food allergy and in addition to the fact that we pretty much have to act like Gestapo whenever we eat out there is always the chance that something bad might sneak through. We won’t even get into the linguistic gyrations we’ve had to go through at some Chinese restaurants. And of course people aren’t perfect and sometimes they do forget to ask. You shouldn’t have to die or spend a few hours in the emergency room because of a mistake.

We really had hoped the food industry would have solved this problem by now and it’s a pretty simple one to solve. Instead of relying on people telling their server what they are allergic too how about the menu tellingĀ  people. A simple color coded system on the menu would be all that’s needed. Say items in red contain peanut or peanut oil, items in green have gluten or wheat in them, items in blue contain no known allergens.

Sure restaurants would have to redesign their menus but think of how much they good will and customers they could gain by making just a few simple changes.



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