Sushi Hana Serves it Hot and Cold

Sushi Hana
5 North Fullerton Ave.
Montclair, NJ
973- 746-3900

There are a lot of sushi resteurants to choose from in Northern New Jersey and it seems like everyday there’s opSushi Hanaening up almost every week, usually pushing out an Italian restaurant. Here in Jerseycool’s home base of Montclair this is abundantly clear as Azora, Sushi Hana, Nori and Neuvou Sushi all compete within a single mile of one another. This doesn’t even take into account Asian influenced places like Noodle Central and Daruma.

Everyone has their favorite sushi place. I could sing the praises of Sushi Hana’s Boston Roll but if you like the falvor and style of some of Nori’s fruit and fish inspired rolls I won’t be able to convince you otherwise. Like Pizza, there a thin crust people and deep dish people.

We’ve always been Sushi Hana people, C likes the ornamental boats that come with the Sushi for two specials, while I’m usually impressed by the freshness of the fish.

We went early on the Friday and Sushi Hana had not gotten into full swing yet. The resteurant has a sizeable front room and they have a garden outside, which is one of the nicer outdoor spots in town. We sat in the booth are with about four or five other couples, some with small children.

I noted that the music was fairly low and things seemed to be just warming up. Sushi Hana is at it’s best when the place is full and large, ornatly dressed boats of fish are passing by your table. This is definatly more of a family sushi place and lacks the trendy feel of Nori or Nuveau Sushi.

But it’s the food that counts and we were pretty happy with the meal. The only dissapointing part of the meal was the appetizer, a grilled squid that came out a bit chewy. We reccomend the shu mai or the Japanese spring rolls as appetizers.

For a main course C had shrimp katsu which they heated in aluminum foil with a flame thingy, which added a bit of theater to the meail. The shrimp and vegetables were cooked perfectly while I opted for two rolls: the Santi Roll, eel and avocado topped with salmon and tuna and the Samba Roll, spicy tuna with tempura flakes rolled with crispy rice.

It was a nice combination of a soft roll (the Santi) with a crunchy one (the Samba) but it’s tough to go wrong at Sushi Hana. The resteurant has a seemingly endless menu of rolls and Japanese fair so it’s tough not to find something you’d like and actuallye we’d like to see the menu paired a bit so it would be a bit easier to navigate. There, however, are small criticisms, Sushi Hana is still our sushi of choice in Montclair.



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