Idol Losses, Survivor Shakeups, Lost Endings

Busy three hours of TV viewing last night with Survivor, American Idol and Lost all nearly back-to-back. Yeah, we left the channel on Fox for ‘Til Death at 9:30 and that horror show almost made us wish American Idol was an hour long — almost.

Stephnie EdwardsAnyway, Stephanie Edwards got the boot last night over our Idol boot pick Phil Stacey. Not a huge, huge surprise considering her lackluster performance this week and that there a three other similar and better singers in the competition. I’m with guest vocal coach Peter Noone on this one folks, Idol is a show about voting not singing. There are at least five or six other contestants who don’t sing as well as Edwards but who have more loyal voting blocks. This was what doomed the Beyonce clone. C seems to think Edwards is good enough to land a singing deal and she may be right but we see her headed for the forgotten land inhabited by the Vonzell Solomens and Latoya Londons of the world.

Meanwhile a few channels over, Survivor producers switched up the tribes in an effort to inject some life into this seasons really boring cast of characters. Guess what? Even though the tribe members were different the same tribe that’s lost every challenge (even the rewards) lost again. Perhaps the beach at Ravu is cursed? Is the coffee at Moto that much of an advantage?

The now all male tribe of Ravu sent Anthony home last night because he wasn’t manly enough. A point that Rocky, perhaps our favorite Survivor character ever, pointed out over and over again during tribal council. Anthony finally raised his voice for once after Rocky badgered him in that Bahston accent, but it was too little too late and Jerseycool was left thinking that he watches too much TV. Yeah, who are we kidding we’re gonna watch next week when Lisi returns from Exile Island to join the all male tribe. We think she has more testosterone than Anthony so this should be mildly intersting. Hey, at least it will be back on Thursday night.

John LockeFinally, over in Lost world, fans got to find out how John Locke got into his wheelchair and everyone talked mysteriously about how he got out of it once he reached the island. Mr. Locke, who was never the sanest of people to begin with, has been getting more and more cookoo as the series has gone on and last night’s episode pushed him further over the edge. I won’t give away how Locke lost his stride or the big surprise ending, buuuut JerseyCool was disappointed with the single story arch that’s been happening all too much this season. Last night’s entire episode focused on Locke and the attempt to rescue Jack. No beach scenes, which meant no Hurley, no Charlie and no Sawyer. Part of Lost’s appeal was its amazing ability to move different character storylines along in a single episode. That pretty much hasn’t happened this season and I think that, more than anything else, is where Lost has lost its mojo.



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