More Idol Thoughts

It’s been a boring American Idol since our girl Antonella Barba got the boot right before the finals. All apologies to Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle but I’m just not all jazzed up about these two front runners who can sing but are in desperate need of some personality.

We miss our little Barba doll from Jersey more than ever and even resorted to starting Internet rumors about racy Sanjaya Malakar photographs online. We didn’t have any takers and depression set in.

However, last night we were pleased to see the formerly forgetable Haley Scarnato jump into the tart role with a high heels, short shorts, ultra bouncy performance of “Tell Him.”

I’ll tell you what, this performance could backfire mightily on Scarnato if the puritan police voters have anything to say about. Still our prediction is that this is the end of the run for Phil Stacey. Of course, it could be Sanjaya Malakar who, despite what two of the judges said, is still pretty awful. However, this early in the game it’s usually better to be awful then boring and Phil Stacey, (hey dude, thanks for serving the country and all) is dull.

By the way if you’re curious about the crying girl from last night’s episode, has the scoop here.

More exciting than the show were the promos for House which returns with new episodes next week. Looking forward to seeing our favorite Princeton General doc back in action.



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