Pull Over and Drop that PDA

Seems the NJ State Assembly has finally caught on that texting people while driving is a bad idea. An article on NJ.com today says two assembly speakers have introduced bills that would make driving while texting an offense that would give police authority to pull you over and fine you as mush as $250.

While certainly a good idea. Hey, we’ve almost gotten into crashes just by fiddling with our iPod (and our stereo just to be fair) but this goes to the trend of government legislating common sense. It goes with things like don’t smoke in a car with your kids and pick up your dog’s poop. These are things that people’s parents should have taught them but, let’s face it, people are stupid. Oh, individually most of us are OK but as an animal dumbness seems to be a prerequisite.

There are a lot of dangerous things people do in their cars. We drive the terror alleys of New Jersey’s roads every day and still see people yacking on cell phones, putting on makeup, reading and lately watching their in-dash DVD players. Back in the day this used to be called reckless driving and you’d get a ticket for it.

So I suppose this bill is needed just to bring some attention to those out there who need to be told “Hey dummy, stop texting people and watch the road.” Come to think of it that wouldn’t be a bad name for the law, not bad at all.



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