St. Paddy’s Day Wrap Up

We spent our Saint Patrick’s Day over at a very crowded Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair where locals were out in force. Much of our time was spent downstairs which was loud but warmer than upstairs where the band was playing. Hand it to Tierney’s by 5 p.m. when we walked in they had three bartenders patrolling and the wait for drinks while long was manageable.

We wish they did a better job with food. Corned beef sandwiches were spotted but there was no place to order them other than the bar I guess and there certainly was no place to eat as tables began getting pulled out of the bar to make room for revelers early.

Thankfully Naunas across the way saved the day with their traditional St. Patrick’s Day menu. Not only did the corned beef hit the spot but who knew Nauna’s could make a pretty darn good lamb stew. Now if we could just get them to change the name of the place to McNauna’s for the day.



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