Excitables for the Weekend of March 16-18

Two things are going on this weekend of note. One, the NCAA tournament has already gotten underway.It’s the first round so the only guarantee is someone will get upset.

The second thing going on is St. Patrick’s Day, which this site got a head start on last week in Seaside Heights. Obviously, the big parade is yonder across the Hudson so don’t try to head out to your local parade because most have already happened. However, most of your local Irish bars will be hosting festivities from noon on. As such, NJ.com kicked things off nicely with a nice roundup of local Irish pubs.

JerseyCool will be camping out at Tierney’s Tavern, like we needed a reason to go there but we’ve spent some time at Eagans in Montclair and back in the day the Dublin Pub in Morristown was considered an old friend.

Enjoy your corned beef and Guinness friends.

Elsewhere this weekend.

Bully for Bullock. We love our Sandra Bullock. Heck we’ve even forgiven her for the Miss Congeniality movies but we like our Sandy in romantic comedy roles and get a little nervous whenever we see Bullock and drama in the same sentence. Bullock is back in theaters in “Premonition” a Hitchockian thriller about a woman skipping through time. So far Bullock is getting good reviews the movie not so much.

A Piece of the Rock. Better bet might be the new Chris Rock flick “I think I Love My Wife.” The movie is a remake of the French film “Chloe in the Afternoon,” normally this would give us the heebie jeebies (compounded by Rock’s last flop “Head of State” and the fact that the comedian wrote and directed the film). However, reviews have been generous, including props from the New York Times and anyone who has seen Rock’s standup knows he has soom insight into the mind of the married man.

Irish History. Art house fans and those who want to get in touch with their inner Irish might find solace in “The Wind that Shakes the Barley,” a Cillian Murphy starer about the Irish revolution of 1919. The film won the top prize at Cannes last year.

As far as the box office goes we’re bettin’ that geeks will take in a second helping of “300.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dahnuld — College basketball will dominate the tube this weekend but of note is Arnold Schwarzenegger’scameo on Sunday’s Apprentice. Yes, that show is still on.

Happy weekend everyone,



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