Borat Sometimes Boring

BoratCaught the phenomena that shook the nation last fall on DVD this weekend. Borat Cultural Leanings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan or just plain Borat for short.

Perhaps it didn’t help that I was a bit sleepy but there were parts of the flick that moved a bit slow for me. Sure there were parts that were a hoot buuuuut somehow I think the movie might have played better in a theater or group setting.

There are also more than a few scary moments in the film. Borat’s trip to a Pentecostal church, the loud cheers from a rodeo crowd as he advocates drinking Iraqi blood, the misogynistic and very drunk frat boys and to top it off there is a naked wrestling match in a hotel that was none too pleasant to sit through. It was like Jackass without the poo and there’s a scene about that too done a bit more discretely.

Well worth seeing but hopefully this is just the begining for Mr. Cohen and his brand of humor.



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