Mesob Second Run Goes Smooth

515 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ

I have mixed feelings about visiting a restaurant too frequently. Often expectations are simply too high or comparison to that first magical meal often fall shot. So we were pleased that our latest trip to Mesob proved as delectable as the first.  Read our first review here.

We popped in last Friday and were promptly seated at the same table we had the last time. It’s always nice to get a different perspective on the place but we weren’t up against the door so no complaints. Anyway, Mesob has a nice earthen tone to it but we were there for the food and three dishes really stood out.

I’ve been following the Lenten traditions of abstaining from meat on Friday’s so I opted for the Tuna Tibs. A savory mix of tuna and sauce it blended well with the Injera bread.

C opted for the Lega Tibs, boneless leg of lamb sauteed with red onions, garlic and jalapeno pepper. I didn’t try this but it seemed better suited for lamb lovers than the Yegeb Alecha Wat, which is lamb on the bone. That dish is just a little awkward to eat Ethiopian style.

One of our vegetable sides really stood out.  The Tikile Gomen is a stew of cabbage and potatoes that unlike most of the other vegetable sides is actually a bit crunchy. Make sure to make this a part of your side dish on the Injera as it complements the other stews and mashes nicely.



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