It May be the End for Tony Soprano in Bloomfield

Holstens Brookdale ConfectionaryNow let’s hear it for a little Italian-American political pressure. According to an article in today’s Star Ledger and available here on the town has blocked the Sopranos from filming a key scene at Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery, 1063 Broad St. The town had already approved permits for the Sopranos to shoot but after several vocal complaints the town council and mayor Raymond McCarthy vetoed the decision.

There’s still a lively debate about whether or not the Sopranos will film in Bloomfield. The worm has turned for the show and there’s a third vote on the permits Monday. We all know the third vote is the one that really counts.

What may be most important here is that the Holstens’ owners are quoted in the story as saying they were told the final scenes of the series were to be shot in the ice cream shop. Hmmmm, that leads to some speculation.

Do Tony and Carmela take AJ and Meadow out for a cone to end the series? Does Paulie Walnuts finally get a flavor named after him? Tony gives up his life of crime to go into the ice cream business?

Hey, we aren’t the only ones guessing, see what people are postulating over at baristanet. 

Of course the shop could be dressed and used for anything and, who knows, maybe the producers tell everyone the last shots of the show are going to be filmed at their location. It would be a good strategy to throw people off.

This story hits home though. The Sopranos is going bye bye folks.

It’s going to be interesting how things wrap up and when it’s gone this is one of those shows that will be missed. The countdown begins on April 8 when the show begins its final run, just one month from now.



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